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How NLAS intervention saved 83-year-old man from prison

How NLAS intervention saved 83-year-old man from prison

In April 2023, a team from National Legal Aid Service (NLAS) started a journey of 600 kilometers from Nairobi to Marsabit.
The aim was to conduct a legal aid clinic at Marsabit Maximum Prison. After 8 hours on the road, the team arrived and welcomed to the prison facility the following day.
After settling and assigned a place to meet with the inmates, the big assignment begun. The inmates were sensitized and informed on their legal rights and given opportunity to ask questions which were answered by the NLAS team comprising of Advocates and Paralegals.  
It was a thrilling and educative session to both the inmates, the warders and NLAS staff as it enabled the team identify legal issues affecting the inmates legally and administrative challenges in the Administration of Justice in the criminal justice system.
The second part was a one-on-one session with the inmates both condemned and remandees. The task was to identify the cause of action, legal implications and remedies available to an individual prisoner. 
One of a touching case was a sexual offense case in which an 83 year old man was charged with defiling a 12 year old granddaughter with an alternative charge of incest. The old man was sickly and on crutches. 
After listening to him and his case the team formed an opinion that he needed legal representation considering the gravity of the offence, the possibility of a long-term jail sentence, he being an indigent and the vulnerability based on his advanced age.
He informed us that there was a deliberate plot to incarcerate him with the sole intention of taking over his small parcel of land, which plan had been orchestrated by some family members and neighbors.
He was granted a counsel who counselled him and interviewed him in preparation of his case which had proceeded without an advocate and the only remaining witness was the medical officer who was supposed to testify. 
The advocate started by informing the court of his presence from NLAS and made an application to recall all the witnesses for cross-examination, an application, the court allowed.
The NLAS counsel cross-examined all the witnesses’ and the matter proceeded to the point where the prosecution closed its case and the accused placed on his defence. Counsel conducted the defense hearing and filed submission and the matter proceeded to judgment whereupon the court made a determination to the effect that the elderly man had been framed and ended up acquitting him. 
The man is currently back to his home in Laisamis living happily and thanking NLAS for salvaging his name and securing his liberty.