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Access to justice is a right for all. NLAS team engaging inmates at Lindi Prison in Lamu

Why poverty should not be an impediment to justice anymore

Poor people are less able to access formal legal institutions for dispute resolution as they face numerous barriers to access justice, denying them a chance to claim their legal rights and challenge violation of their human rights. 
Empowering the marginalized, vulnerable and poor people with legal knowledge to claim their rights is a necessity for a country that advocates for equality before the law. 
Our approach of conducting Mobile Legal Aid Clinics among the marginalized and vulnerable communities are aimed at ensuring that there is protection and promotion of legal, civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights of the poor members in our communities.
It is the reason why the National Legal Aid Service has made it a duty to bridge the gap in ensuring that the disadvantaged members of the society have access to justice.

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