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Why you should come to NLAS for free legal services

National Legal Aid Service (NLAS) offers free legal aid to the indigent (loosely translated as the poor) in the public, the vulnerable groups and the marginalized communities in the country.
A day at NLAS starts from the reception where a client is booked in our new clients register. Our clients mostly come in for civil cases which range from family cases including child maintenance, custody and access, guardianship, adoption and divorce. 
We also get cases on land issues, mostly succession matters and employment disputes especially unfair dismissals.  
Once a client is booked in the register, they will be allocated to the state counsels who will listen to their matter and advice accordingly. Depending on the matter, some clients will be given legal advice while others are booked for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
Our most used ADR method if mediation where both parties are asked to come to the office and depending on the outcome, they will either sign an agreement to resolve their dispute.
In matters where ADR do not work, the client will be advised to proceed in filing a case in court. The decision should entirely come from the client and should not be influenced by any NLAS staff. 
If the client decides to go to court, they will be required to bring the relevant documents that will help in building their case. 
Once the client brings in the documents, the counsels will draft for them the pleadings which they must verify, sign and commissioned by an advocate before it is filed in the judiciary.
The case can be filed under certificate of urgency where there is an urgent matter such as medical issues. The case can also be filed under a normal plaint where it follows the normal procedure. 
Once case is filed and a date is issued, the client is supposed to link up with a court process server where the other party in the case is served with the pleadings to enable them be aware that there is an upcoming case in court.
At NLAS, we believe in justice for all regardless of your status in the society and our mantra is HAKI NA USAWA KWA WOTE.

Roseline Oriaro
Paralegal NLAS HQ